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Ministry  Resources

Burned out?

Pastoral Ministry is tough. I know. I’ve been there. No support, no outlets, no way of finding resources. That’s why I built this specific website. Here you can find resources to help you in the pastoral journey. If you need a one-on-one call, click the button below and we’ll connect you with a pastor near you!

Tutorials. Tips & Tricks

Here you will find videos, blogs, and extra step by step information about practical topics, innovative ideas, and services to help you in the journey. The best part, most of these are FREE!

Theological Topics

Yes. We learned Greek and Hebrew in seminary, but that was some years ago. You may have forgotten some of it and need a quick refresher. That’s why we built a library of resources to point you in the right direction when you need research about a topic.

The Extras

There is a lot of areas of ministry that we didn’t learn in seminary. This library has access to letters, templates, and other helpful resources that we will need at one point or another in our ministerial experience.

Sermon Ideas


Fresh Powerpoint presentations with 90% completed sermons. Add your own stories, change it all if you want, but always preach with power!

Quarterly Series

These are quarterly series developed for Bible Study or as an alternative to the Sabbath School Quarterly. Enjoy and share with others so they deepen their relationship with Christ.

Monthly Social Media Images

Fresh images every month with captions, so you can share them away with the world and automate your online presence.


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