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Use smartphones as cameras for your live stream

BackgroundAfter 1 year with COVID19, it is very likely that your church is now equipped with decent speed internet, sound equipment, and a camera to livestream to the world! If not, this blog post is for you. I am a pastor (currently) in a rural area and after many...

How to use eAdventist for Mass Texting

The Problem Your church needs to communicate. There are thousands of platforms that can help you achieve that. Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, you name it. While those are useful, you usually will end up with unwanted messages at all times of the day....

The Extras

Editable Church Officer Descriptions (Click Here)

How To Minimize Your Smartphone Use

“Addiction originally meant a different kind of strong connection: in ancient Rome, being addicted meant you had just been sentenced to slavery.” - Adam Alter, Irresistible: The Rise of Addicting Technology and the Business of Keeping us Hooked/' Introduction It is...

Creating Quality Content in 2021

"Be so good that you don't even have to think about algorithms." - Matt D'Avella January 5th, 2021 marks a great milestone for my mailbox. It will finally have a break from all of the election mailers from the voting groups in the United States. I love participating...