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Use smartphones as cameras for your live stream

Use smartphones as cameras for your live stream


After 1 year with COVID19, it is very likely that your church is now equipped with decent speed internet, sound equipment, and a camera to livestream to the world! If not, this blog post is for you. I am a pastor (currently) in a rural area and after many iterations, I am going to share with you a series of programs that can help you save money and still have a good looking livestream without breaking the bank. I will include different tiers of budget so that everyone can benefit in using this system.

Low Budget Churches


  • A Desktop or Laptop running Windows or MacOS
  • A sound board that can connect to said computer
  • An internet connection
  • A Smartphone (iPhone/Android)

Software Downloads:

  • OBS (This software will allow you to stream to YouTube or Facebook) – FREE
  • DroidCam (This software is to connect an android/iPhone to a windows computer) – FREE
  • DroidCam Plugin (This software allows you to connect droidcam to OBS automatically) – FREE
  • Neural Cam Live (This software is to connect iPhone to MacOS computers) – FREE
  • EpocCam (This software is to connect Android to MacOS or iPhone to MacOS) – $8

Live streaming Steps

  1. Open Droidcam on both phone and PC


  1. Open OBS and connect plugin and add it to the stream

  1. Video side of things is done!


  1. Decide your streaming platform (YT or FB)

  1. Get the Streaming Keys from YouTube


  1. Getting Streaming Keys from FB Live


Advanced Steps and Higher Budget

At this point, you should be ready to have a decent looking live stream to Facebook or YouTube. The audio comes from your soundboard to OBS so you don’t have to worry about that. The video part comes from DroidCam or any of the other software showcased above. You may want to get a second camera angle, however. If that’s the case, follow the guide below:



How to use eAdventist for Mass Texting

How to use eAdventist for Mass Texting

The Problem

Your church needs to communicate. There are thousands of platforms that can help you achieve that. Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, you name it. While those are useful, you usually will end up with unwanted messages at all times of the day. Your precious announcement will get drowned by a barrage of comments. From YouTube videos to promotional content, and even the useful tip or verse of the day. These are not evil things, but they deter from the announcement you wanted everyone to know. This is where mass texting comes in handy.

Mass Texting

As the name indicates, mass texting is a service that allows you to send announcements, information, or anything you want without everyone interjecting or sending their thoughts or comments to all members of the church. Most churches in the United States use Twilio. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and scalable. I was tempted to use it myself for my church, but then I found out that eAdventist uses the same service and allows me to use it for FREE

Step by Step

  1. Log in to eAdventist
  2. Find the purple tab and create a list
  3. Add contact phone numbers to your list
  4. Request a phone number from the help desk
  5. Compose your first mass text
  6. Send your texts!
  7. Bonus Tip: Don’t overwhelm your audience, send 1-2 texts per month